Irish Lotto Bet

How To Play Irish Lotto Bet

The Irish Lotto Bet (known as “Lucky Numbers” in Ireland) is based on the outcome of the Irish National Lottery.

There are 3 draws every Wednesday and Saturday. The three draws are called ‘Main Draw’, ‘2nd Draw’ and ‘3rd Draw’.

You can bet on 1 to 5 numbers from the 47 in each draw. Bookmaker bets may vary. Six numbers and a bonus ball are drawn and you can select to play either the 6 number or 7 number draw (which includes the bonus ball to increase your chances of winning).

Bets should be placed by 7.00pm on the day of the draw.

Your potential winnings for a £1 bet on the various options is shown below:

Play & match (47 Balls)    
Selections 6 Number Draw Odds 7 Number Draw Odds
1 6/1 5/1
2 53/1 38/1
3 600/1 329/1
4 7,199/1 3,799/1
5 124,999/1 39,999/1

Winning amounts include your stake (£1 in examples shown)

Bets and payouts may vary so please check with your bookmaker.